aerospace engineering

Create visions with ORANGE Engineering

Visionaries and pioneers have always and still define the technical evolution of our age-old wish of flying and researching the universe. The pooling of insights and findings from different disciplines, such as electronics, robotics, measurement control and regulation technology, materials engineering, physics and chemistry, lightweight construction and other fields is considered an innovation driver and guides our technical development.

In high-frequency technology, for example, ORANGE Engineering employees play a role in the development of new transceiver systems for international air traffic. They develop astro imaging cameras, which will in the future provide high resolution images of space from satellites in a geostationary orbit and calculate structural elements in aircraft construction.

ORANGE Engineering employees are highly qualified, committed and visionary. With their experience and expertise and, not least, also their imagination, they will reliably support your team in long-term projects as well as with capacity bottlenecks occurring at short notice.


Our services:

  • Project/sub-project management
  • Production and manufacturing planning
  • Process management
  • Development / construction and calculation
  • Simulation, testing and validation
  • Electrics / electronics / communication
  • Configuration and requirement management
  • Technical documentation
  • Quality management