electrical engineering

Set signals with ORANGE Engineering

Electrical engineering is becoming increasingly important and incorporates a wide range of areas: from the development of new drive concepts, such as hybrid drives for vehicles through classic machine control, up to the incorporation of regenerative energy sources in electric power supplies, electrical engineering is a field which also always requires interdisciplinary thinking. The collection of information and the processing of this data represents an important sub-area of electrical engineering, as only an intelligent control system makes a machine efficient.

We work in the following fields: power plant engineering, regenerative energies, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as communications engineering.

Our employees plan electrotechnical facilities, programme SPS-based machine, plant and special vehicle control systems, develop testing systems for component testing, oversee the implementation of the planned facilities, commission these and set up large electrical engines and generators.

We are a strong, reliable and efficient partner who develops visions and realises these in concrete projects. With us you will always be on the cutting edge of technology – and always one step ahead.


Our services:

  • Project planning, development and construction
  • Low, medium and high voltage technology
  • High frequency technology
  • Communications engineering /RFID
  • Programming
  • Switchboard planning
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Erstellung von Stromlaufplänen
  • Signal processing
  • Start-up of operation
  • Documentation