information technology

Flexible capacity along the IT value creation chain

Innovation, speed and flexibility determine the pace of information technology. Complex tasks often require additional specialists with specific expertise to ensure projects are implemented on time here. At the same time, the quality requirements are high and trust is more important than ever when new employees are gaining an insight into the development process.

Not only will ORANGE Engineering reliably support your team in long-term projects but also with short notice capacity bottlenecks. Our motto, “Trust as standard” has the highest priority here. With experience, expertise and trust-based cooperation, we will together guide your project to a successful completion.

ORANGE experts from the field of IT work along the entire value creation chain: in the software and hardware development process, testing embedded and safety-critical systems, quality assurance, as well as in cross-functional competencies such as project management, quality management and documentation. Our engineers and information scientists will provide the right support while you remain flexible and, at the same, bring additional expertise to your company.


Benefit from our specialists in the following fields:

  • Systems engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Software development
  • Validation (test)
  • Hardware development
  • Functional safety
  • Data mining
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Documentation

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