mechanical and plant engineering

Make a difference with ORANGE Engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering are two disciplines distinguished by the networking of their technologies. Machines are combined today to create production lines, automated and incorporated in complex processes – also as part of Industry 4.0. Only interdisciplinary cooperation can generate synergies that secure mechanical and plant engineering sustainable success on the world market.
ORANGE Engineering employees develop, for example, gear cutting machines integrated into production facilities and fitted with H-type turbochargers via cantilever gantries. They calculate the statics of big crane systems and develop electronically controlled and monitored tools for assembly lines.

ORANGE engineers are highly qualified and committed. With their experience and expertise, they will reliably support your team in the development of cutting-edge technologies – in long term projects as well as in short notice capacity bottlenecks.


  • Project/sub-project management
  • Production and manufacturing planning
  • Process management, SCM
  • Start-up
  • Development, construction and calculation
  • Software development, programming
  • Simulation, testing and validation
  • Electrics / electronics / communication
  • Technical documentation
  • Quality management