shipbuilding & offshore technology

Find the right course with ORANGE Engineering

While the world’s oceans used to be used mainly as transport paths and a source of food, they are becoming increasingly high-tech today. Huge oil and gas platforms are now being joined by large offshore windfarms and our attention is shifting to submarine methane sources.

Traditional shipbuilding is also offering exciting new challenges … a cruise liner for the next round-the-world-trip, perhaps, or a luxury yacht for cruising the Mediterranean coast, or frigates and submarines for the navy.

The development, operation and maintenance of complex offshore systems on the high seas requires adapted, customised systems and facilities, intelligent logistics and maintenance concepts, as well as bringing together of maritime expertise and energy technology – these are the areas of expertise of our experienced engineers.

Likewise, ORANGE Engineering employees also work in shipbuilding technologies: from ship design though naval hydrodynamics, ship stability and strength, up to marine engineering, our employees will help develop the international edge of German and European shipyards.

Our employees are highly qualified and committed. With their experience and expertise, they will reliably support your team in long term projects as well as with capacity bottlenecks occurring at short notice.


Our services:

  • Project management
  • Planning, manufacturing control, buying
  • Development and construction in ship design and machine engineering
  • Ship fittings and equipment (e.g. interiors, pipe planning/isometry/ supply engineering)
  • Validation
  • Documentation (incl. testing manuals, handover documentation)
  • Electrical engineering, electronics
  • Quality management